Sunday, November 27, 2016

Going Beyond the Business of IT Outsourcing and Consulting

When the internet was discovered, it was easily embraced by people. Web development initially started as a hobby for some. Then it became a business for others. Nowadays, IT outsourcing has become a billion-dollar industry, with a lot of top companies relying on some outsourcing partner/team to do some IT jobs for them. 
And lo and behold, almost everybody wants to start an IT outsourcing company to earn a lot of money. 
But is it a noble purpose?
Sometimes we are just blinded about the money that we can earn from clients. If you are a programmer/developer/IT consultant who only thinks about the money that you will earn from a certain contract, its high time to review your goals.
So how can you as a developer/programmer/IT consultant realize your noble purpose? I will offer some inspiration for you, some thoughts that you should ponder on, if ever you are stressed, burned out or think you are useless in society. 
Does the IT business have a noble purpose?
Yes it has.
When you create websites, think about the people who will read about useful information and how their lives will be touched by your presentation of content and code.
Think about the people whose work will be made easy so that they can have more time for their families and loved ones.
Think about bringing joy to other people when their loved ones buy gifts for them through ecommerce.
Think about the lives you will change when you build some software that can create more jobs for other people.
Think about the lives you may save with your medical apps.
Think about the entertainment you bring to make a lot of people happy and inspire them.
Remember, its not all money. Its the thought that counts. 

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